Healthy Ageing How to Stay Active and Engaged

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Last updated December 2022


As you age, your body will naturally begin to slow down. But that doesn't mean you should neglect exercise. In fact, staying active is even more important in your golden years. It helps you remain flexible, strong, and agile. And most importantly, it helps to slow down the ageing process. If you're looking for helpful tips for seniors to stay active, we've compiled our best tips below.


What are the Benefits of Staying Active?


First, it's helpful to understand why staying active is so beneficial as you age. Here are a few good reasons to motivate you or an ageing loved one:


  • Improve lean body mass

  • Improve physical performance

  • Improve balance and reduce risk of falls

  • Improve mental health and cognitive functions

  • Reduces risk of diseases

Here are some great ways for seniors to stay active:


Dance Classes


Dancing can give your entire body a great workout, including your core. It's also fun, social and can get your heart rate up in a gentle way. More specifically, it helps strengthen muscles, and improve coordination and balance. Plus, it's an ideal way to meet other like-minded people and make new friends. 


Adopt a Pet


Having a furry companion offers a number of benefits. Since they need daily walks, it gives you reason and sometimes a stern nudge to get outside for a walk and enjoy the fresh air too. Dogs are wonderful for motivating you to move your joints and muscles, even when you don't really feel like it. Plus, they can give you lots of love and affection in return which is always beneficial for seniors who might spend a large amount of time on their own.


Join a Yoga Class


Even though it can look intimidating, there's a variety of yoga classes that are designed for people of all walks in life, including seniors. Yoga not only improves flexibility but can also increase strength and stability. It's never too late to become a yogi, so try it out!


Join an Aqua Fit Class


Swimming is one of the best ways to get your whole body moving, from head to toe. And it's ideal for seniors who suffer from joint pain since the water adds resistance, offering a gentle, safe and soothing way to stay active. In addition, it works the muscles to increase tone, endurance and strength while increasing your heart rate to keep it strong and healthy too. Aqua classes are ideal since there are dedicated seniors' programs, and exercises are done in the shallow end, so you don't have to be a good swimmer to join.  


Go Swimming without the Class


If you prefer to swim without joining a class, go for it! It will give you the same benefits. Doing laps, treading water and even walking in the water can benefit your body and mind.


Join a Mall Walking Group


When the sidewalks are icy during the winter, it can be difficult and dangerous to go out for a daily stroll. A popular alternative is using your local mall as a walking track. Malls usually open up early, and they're also quite during this time. So you can enjoy a morning walk before it gets busy and even browse the stores while you're at it. There are many mall walking groups, so consider joining one near you.


Join a Senior Retirement Community


Seniors' retirement communities are an excellent option for those who want to remain independent and live on their own, while also being part of a community that offers a range of amenities that can make life easier and engaging.


At Waterford of Summerlea, we provide comfortable, worry-free living for seniors and offer lots of services and amenities to stay active. We host a range of exciting events and classes, including exercises classes, as well as cocktail hour, live entertainment, guest lectures and much more so our residents can continue to enrich their quality of life. To learn more about our senior independent living community in Edmonton, contact us today!