Benefits of Living in a Retirement Community

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Last updated December 2022


If you’ve recently retired, you might be realizing that this stage of life can feel lonely and not as exciting as you had hoped for. Finding the right retirement community can offer you a new lease on life, providing enriching experiences and an environment that lets you pursue your passions during your golden years. But the idea of moving out of your home can also feel daunting and overwhelming. To help you determine if it’s the right move for you, here are a few of the many benefits of living in a retirement community.


There’s Less Maintenance

Whether it’s taking out the garbage, mowing the lawn, or raking leaves, there’s a lot of work involved in maintaining a house. Living in a retirement community eliminates all of those everyday maintenance tasks that come along with homeownership. This frees up more of your time to dedicate to things that you enjoy.

There are Social Activities

 Having a community of friends and peers to engage with on a regular basis is what keeps us thriving. It’s also essential for our mental and physical health as we age. In addition, being in a community makes it easy to join in on social events and activities. With a range of options to choose from, you can find enjoyable ways to stay active while meeting new people and developing meaningful relationships.

It’s Safer with 24 Hour Support

Living alone at home as a senior can come with a great deal of risk. And if something does happen, you may not have the ability to call for help. Retirement communities are a much safer option. Many provide 24-hour support and emergency pull cords that are monitored by staff at all times. 

Meals are Provided

Health complications can develop with age, making everyday tasks, like cooking, more difficult and even dangerous. Senior living communities offer dining options that allow residents to choose a meal plan. This not only makes it easier and safer when it comes to meal prep, but it also helps you get in the proper amount of nutrition to maintain a healthy body and mind.

Peace of Mind

Having a community that cares about your quality of life and provides services to keep you safe can offer you and your family peace of mind. And there’s a lot to be said when you don’t have to worry about a senior loved one living on their own. 

Why Choose Waterford of Summerlea?

At Waterford of Summerlea, we’ve designed our independent senior community to provide high-quality services, amenities, and activities that enable you to live life to the fullest. If you’re based in Edmonton, here is a brief overview of the services that you can look forward to:

Luxury Suites

We have a range of affordable rental options for you to choose from. Each are tastefully designed and decorated. These include spacious apartments, bachelor suites similar to a hotel room, and expansive suites with a full kitchen and living room.

Staffing and Maintenance Services

 These include:

  • Weekly housekeeping

  • Weekly bed linen laundry services

  • Garbage pickup

  • 24-hour support and emergency call

  • Security surveillance

  • Blood pressure monitoring 

  • Shuttle bus Service included

  • Afternoon Tea Time 7 days per week

  • Recreational Activities

  • Maintenance staff on site

  • Hair Salon Services

...and more!

Dining Options

Residents get dinner automatically included in their rental fee, and you have the option to add on breakfast or lunch for an additional fee. Meals are created by our Executive Red Seal Chef to ensure they are delicious.  Residents can also reserve a private dining room and invite family or friends to join them for a meal.

Activities and Events

We want our community to feel like your community, which is why we host a wide variety of activities and events, including excursions. Whether you enjoy shopping, exercise classes, guest lectures, musical entertainment, bingo, cocktail hour, or card games – we have something for everyone!

If you’re looking for a senior retirement community that will allow you to live independently while offering a stimulating lifestyle, contact us at Waterford of Summerlea to speak with our lifestyle specialist today.