Helping Elderly Parents Downsize

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5 Signs it's Time to Downsize

Last updated December 2022


Seniors are living longer than ever before. If you have elderly parents who are still living in the family home, you’re likely already starting to feel a little nervous about their safety and health. Helping elderly parents downsize into a smaller, more manageable and accessible unit at an independent living community can help ease your concerns and give them a better quality of life. If you’re feeling uneasy about a parent living at home, here are the most common signs that will indicate when it’s time to consider downsizing.


They Have Unused Rooms


Are there numerous unused rooms in their home? If there are more than one or two collecting cobwebs, it’s a sign that it’s time for your parents to downsize. Not only is the upkeep problematic as they age, but the cost to heat and cool unused rooms can also become a financial burden on their retirement savings. By downsizing to a one or two-bedroom unit, your ageing parents can save on utility bills and not have to worry about cleaning or maintaining an extra room that never gets used. Here at Waterford of Summerlea, seniors can rent bachelor suites for as low as $1800.00 a month and this includes all three chef-prepared meals for those on a tight budget.


They Are Isolated


Living alone in a big home can be isolating and rather lonely. However, downsizing into an apartment within a senior’s residence or independent living facility can provide them with the day-to-day social interactions they desire with other like-minded people. In fact, independent living communities like Waterford of Summerlea have an entire calendar filled with daily activities to keep residents active, social and engaged. From shopping trips to card tournaments to BBQs and yoga classes, residents can pick and choose what they want to do.


They Need Assistance


If your elderly parents have health challenges, mobility issues, or just need a little assistance with their chores or home maintenance, downsizing to an independent living community can make their life a lot easier. At Waterford of Summerlea, they can access the level of assistance they need with daily maintenance and upkeep – nothing more, nothing less. This includes daily meals, laundry services, cleaning services, and more. 


Too Many Expenses


Are you finding that your elderly parents’ monthly expenses are just too high for their lifestyle? Most seniors don’t realize how quickly their retirement funds can diminish by staying in their homes. Between the property taxes, utility bills, and rising food costs, it can start to become difficult to own and maintain a big home on OAS and a pension. Downsizing to a smaller unit can cut a lot of those high fees down quite substantially, allowing your parents' hard-earned retirement savings to stretch a lot further. 


Your Home Is Not Accessible


It’s not too difficult to have your parent’s home renovated into an accessible living space, but it can be extremely expensive. Helping elderly parents downsize into an independent living community can provide them with everything they need on-site, including accessible living quarters. This means hallways with handrails, widened doorways, and elevator access. Emergency pull cords are also available in every room for enhanced safety.


If you’re thinking about helping elderly parents downsize into an apartment they can easily manage and be comfortable living in, come visit us at Waterford of Summerlea. We have a wonderful selection of bachelor, studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom units located on some of the most beautiful grounds in Edmonton. Our independent living community has everything they need for a fulfilling retirement. From our dining options to our games room to our library, hair salon, walking paths, and more – our site plan is carefully thought out and designed for the best in senior living. Contact us today to set up a tour for you and your parents!