Five Factors That Matter Most When Choosing a Senior Living Community

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Five Factors That Matter Most When Choosing a Senior Living Community




If you’ve moved houses, apartments, or locations over your lifetime, you know that it can be an exciting but stressful time. Moving to a senior living community during retirement can bring up similar emotions with some key differences in the decision-making process. 


As you get older, you likely have to consider more variables, like your health and proximity to support. Retirement is also an exciting time that gives you a chance to do more of the things you love and try new experiences, so it’s important to ensure that prospective amenities and services enhance your quality of life. So, with that said, how do you choose a senior living community? Let’s explore some of the factors that matter the most.


Where Do You Want to Reside?

Where you decide to live in the city, country, or world is a matter of preference. Do you want to stay close to everything familiar to you? If you answer yes, consider choosing a senior living community close to your family and friends. Additionally, finding one near amenities like stores, restaurants, and recreation facilities can also be helpful if you like convenience. It’s also important to remember that as we age, we are more likely to need access to health care, so a location near a hospital or doctor’s office could be crucial.


On the other hand, staying with what’s familiar may not be a priority for you if you're an explorer. In this case, you can look for locations that have always piqued your interest for one reason or another, such as more favourable weather or better surrounding communities.


What Kind of Care Do You Need?

You may require different levels of care depending on your health, age, and other individual needs. Does the community offer options suitable for you, such as independent living, assisted living, and skilled nursing? It’s also essential to consider the quality of these services. You can review testimonials to learn what current and former residents say about the facility to get an idea of what your experience might look like. 


What Do You Want to Do in Retirement?

Do you want to try new hobbies and skills, or just want to relax and take it easy? You may wish to volunteer, travel, or learn something new. No matter what you choose, finding a senior living community that offers amenities to fit your lifestyle is important. After all, these are your golden years — make the most of them!


What is Your Budget?

The associated costs of moving into an independent living community include rent, meals, and additional charges for various services. It’s essential to understand what you can and cannot afford by laying out your budget. Modern facilities with more amenities will likely cost more than older ones with basic features. Keep in mind that some communities may have different pricing breakdowns, from all-inclusive monthly fees to an upfront “down payment.”


How Can You Ensure Your Safety?

Your safety always matters. Here are some questions to consider:

  • Are your prospective communities in a safe area? 

  • Do the buildings offer 24/7 security or surveillance? 

  • What measures are in place to protect the health and well-being of residents? 


Finding the answers to these questions can help you predict how safe you’ll feel while living there — which will bring you and your loved ones peace of mind.


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