How Independent Seniors Could Benefit from Living in a Retirement Community

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How Independent Seniors Could Benefit from Living in a Retirement Community

Last updated December 2022


Though the idea of retirement can seem exciting initially, as our parents or senior loved ones reach this stage of life, it can often become lonely and isolating – especially if they are a widow. That’s why living in a senior community is such a benefit for our aging parents. It provides them with many exciting opportunities that can help improve and maintain their physical, mental, and emotional health. They can socialize with others, partake in games, outings and activities, and above all, enjoy a community where they can belong and feel cared for. Read on to learn more about the benefits of living in a senior community.


Benefits of Living in a Senior Community


Customized Personal Support


Despite the common misconception that retirement communities are designed only for those who need long-term care, this is far from reality. These communities offer assistance and care which can be customized for each individual. So if your loved one requires some assistance for taking medication or much more for daily tasks and hygiene, they can find it here too. Senior retirement living is suitable for all seniors, including those who are healthy and active.

Choose from Various Suite


Retirement living today isn’t what it used to be. Seniors can select their preferred suite of choice, which includes fully furnished, updated, spacious, and in some cases, a suite designed similar to a luxury hotel room.   


Forget about Maintenance


Your senior loved one can live worry free and maintenance-free. They can forget about any household repairs, upkeeping the garden, dealing with snow removal, leaves, or taking out the garbage. Everything is taken care of at a retirement living facility. This eliminates the financial burden of regular maintenance chores and the physical strain and safety hazards that can come with it.


Socializing with Others


Retirement living gives you the choice to engage and socialize with others as frequently as you like. With many recreational activities arranged within the community, there are many different options to choose from, spanning card game nights, guest lectures, movie nights, musical entertainment, barbeques and much more. So, no matter your preference, there is something for everyone. 


Meal Plans


Cooking meals can be time-consuming and difficult to do as you get older. And it’s not easy to make the trip to the grocery store to get what you need on a regular basis. Plus, it can also be dangerous for seniors to use the stove. Retirement living offers meal options so that seniors don’t have to worry about taking on that task either. Meals are created by professional chefs for residents to enjoy delicious and nutritious menus. Having meals prepared is also a great way for seniors to keep up with their daily nutritional needs, which is important with age.


Round the Clock Care and Safety


Even for healthy and active seniors, accidents can still occur at any time. Whether it’s a trip and fall or some other emergency, there will be round-the-clock care available if it’s ever needed. Each suite is also equipped with an emergency pull cord, and many have locking devices for windows and doors. This can give seniors and their family members better peace of mind knowing that they are safe and well cared for.


Waterford of Summerlea offers an enriching experience for senior retirement living. We have lots of activities, amenities and services available, in addition to a range of beautiful suites, catered meals, and emergency services for safe, worry-free living. To learn more about what we have to offer, reach out to us today!