6 Spring Decorating Tips for Your Retirement Suite

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6 Spring Decorating Tips for Your Retirement Suite

The season of spring is a time when the leaves are changing, flowers are blooming and, for your senior loved ones, a sign of new beginnings. With the weather becoming warmer and not a snowflake in sight, it’s possible to enjoy outdoor activities together, plus there are more hours of daylight. With this, spring is also a time for reinvention, such as redecorating a retirement home apartment for Mom, Dad, or even yourself. 


Below, we have provided tips on how you and your loved ones can decorate a senior living space for spring. 




For a fresh start, we suggest starting with a decluttering. Entering a new retirement home or redecorating a unit in one can be quite stressful. A decluttering is the perfect opportunity to give away anything you do not need, remove items that take up space, and bring in a few new things that match the revived feeling you want the unit to have. Furthermore, this method can minimize what is inside the apartment to make it easier to move around, making it easier to navigate, maintain, and clean. 


Bring Love and Memories


Decorate the space with pictures from your childhood, parenthood, and relatives. When living independently in older age, such as when in a retirement home, reviving a room can be challenging without inspiration. Therefore, making use of your memories and having sentimental items can create an easier transition. Having small items from your past on display are great conversation starters for when guests come over, and these can also aid in alleviating feelings of depression or loneliness when you’re on your own. 


Add Greenery


Adding plants and flowers to the new place can create a sense of comfort in a home. If the retirement suite has a balcony, do not be afraid to add some colour and greenery. House plants that are easy to care for or seasonal flowers in outdoor planters help reduce stress and encourage a positive mood. Some low-maintenance plants to add to your home can be peace lilies or spider plants. Others, such as ferns, are known to help improve air quality. 


Change Up Your Decor Style


Applying a new decorative style to a space can really lift the mood and brighten things up. Don’t be afraid to add a splash of springtime colour – you can’t go wrong with ever-popular pastels! Throw in a few subtle patterns that correspond to your style as well, which can be applied to everything from pillows for your couch to rugs. Tasteful, subtle choices will work well alongside the neutral tones that come standard with a retirement home. 


Make Use of Empty Walls


Take advantage of the empty wall space when decorating. Use the areas between windows and doors  for hanging mementoes such as a painting, picture, or mirror to give the living space more comfort. This helps your unit become a place that feels like you. 


Safety First!


Health and safety will always be our number one concern here at the Waterford of Summerlea. With this, when it comes to decorating your retirement home unit for springtime, always focus on your well-being first. For example, when reorganizing or adding new furniture, ensure everything is accessible, and keep away anything that can be dangerous such as loose cords. You should also avoid creating slip, trip, and fall hazards.


At the Waterford of Summerlea, we’re here to help you feel right at home. After enjoying the variety of activities we provide, we strive to ensure the suite you return to is comfortable, welcoming, and improves everyday quality of life. To learn more about us, the services we offer and otherwise, contact us today. We’re happy to help!