How Retirement Communities Can Help Seniors Overcome Isolation

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How Retirement Communities Can Help Seniors Overcome Isolation

Seniors who experience isolation understand that it can feel like a crippling state of being. With an ongoing sense of loneliness, the past few years have only heightened the problems that come with this lack of interaction. Retirement communities can often be the answer, as they provide safe spaces that allow residents to maintain their independence while still feeling close to people their age. Many experts agree the right housing situation is important to overcoming senior isolation and improving their quality of life by being integrated into a community.

Creating Connections

Living alone can sometimes mean going days without meaningful interactions. While you can communicate with family and friends, you might not be able to chat with them as much as you’d like because their lives can get busy. In senior homes, residents are never far from their neighbours. This gives you an opportunity to create new connections over similar interests, bond over stories, and even share a schedule. You can look forward to seeing their new friends every day, counting on the fact they will be there. Similarly, you will have around-the-clock care staff who will get to know you and your story, creating a bond that you might not get to experience when living on your own. 


Give and Receive Support

As humans, we are capable of strong emotions that can be difficult to deal with on our own. When you are having a particularly bad day, a chat with someone who knows what you're going through can help lift your spirits. Living somewhere with other seniors makes this support more readily accessible. Sharing your feelings can also help someone else going through a tough time. You can feel confident that your emotional and physical needs are important and cared for attentively, complete with constant access to medical professionals and nursing care.


Nutritional Importance

As we age, our appetites can decrease and/or we may fall into bad habits with dieting. Whether a side effect of medications or simply not having the energy, it can be difficult to feel motivated to sit down and have a meal, especially if you don’t have someone to share it with. In a retirement community, seniors not only eat well but also together. Every day can feel like a restaurant experience. This takes the burden off preparing meals (plus no more doing the dishes) and ensures a tasty meal that is also good for you. Alternatively, do you still love the idea of cooking? Many communities offer classes and invite residents to learn new recipes while keeping the concept of meal prep fun and exciting. 


Improving Physical Health

As important as mental health is, so too is physical health. Living in isolation, seniors may not focus on keeping their strength up, and can feel unmotivated to go out and attend classes or move their bodies, perhaps because they feel self-conscious. In a retirement community, fitness classes are usually scheduled regularly so you never have to worry about making a plan; simply show up and do your best! 


Fitness classes in retirement communities vary from pilates to yoga, giving you the chance to try out new exercises and feel comfortable with everyone at a similar fitness level. You might even feel motivated to form a weekly gardening club or bird-watching nature walks, combining the great outdoors with great opportunities for stimulating socialization.

It can be quite a process to reduce the feelings of senior isolation. Through positive changes and improvements to both your physical and mental health, however, retirement communities offer you the chance to create important relationships. This is a great way to feel energized about life and all it has to offer. The Waterford of Summerlea is committed to ensuring seniors have the resources and care they need to live healthy and happy lives in our active and social community. We encourage residents to make their own schedule and, more importantly, create a daily life that they love and enjoy to the fullest. To learn more, please contact us.