8 Winter Fitness Tips for Seniors

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8 Winter Fitness Tips for Seniors

The winter season is filled with messy and unpredictable weather, which can make it challenging and frustrating for seniors who want to get outside and enjoy a little exercise. But keeping up with health and fitness can easily be done indoors and at any time of the year. If your elderly parent or loved one has been feeling cooped up lately, refer to these tips for senior fitness to help them stay active and engaged. 


Use a Fitness App


There are many fitness apps available today that have a wide range of exercise routines that your parent can follow along. Some of them are also tailored to specific needs, based on age and fitness level. Take a few minutes to search for one that may be suitable for your senior parent.


Find Youtube Videos


Youtube is another great resource to take advantage of. You can find a variety of videos to help guide and assist seniors in maintaining or building flexibility, strength, and balance. In addition, you can play the videos on a larger TV format to make it easier for them to view and follow.


Try Tai Chi


Depending on their mobility and medical conditions, some seniors may be limited in the exercises they can do. In this case, Tai Chi can be an excellent alternative form of exercise. This is a very low-impact practice used in eastern cultures and is very popular among seniors. It involves slow and gentle movements that can help to improve strength, balance, and flexibility. It’s also beneficial for lowering stress.




Aside from being a fun activity and great mood booster, dancing activates lots of areas in the body from top to bottom. It can also increase energy while minimizing depression. If your parent loves to dance, make it a regular routine by putting on their favourite music and getting them up on their feet. 


Yoga and Stretching


If your parent suffers from stiff joints and osteoarthritis, yoga poses and stretching can be very restorative and therapeutic. Beyond loosening those stiff joints and muscles, these low-impact stretches can tone and strengthen the muscles too. And since it helps increase the level of oxygen, it can improve respiratory function. Many simple poses can strengthen balance and stability too, which can lower the risk of falls.


Join an Excercise Class


Once it’s safe to do so, joining an exercise class can offer a multitude of perks for seniors. They can get guided routines from a professional to ensure they move their body safely, and it gives them a reason to leave their home and socialize with others. If exercises classes aren’t a practical option for your loved one due to their living arrangement, a retirement residence might be worth considering as many facilities offer on-site amenities and services, including fitness classes. 


Resistance Training


Resistance bands are one of the best ways to get in some exercise because they can be used almost anywhere and don’t require any other equipment. They’re also a common item used for physical therapy. You just need to secure the band in place and use your body weight get in a mild workout. 




Even 10 minutes of walking each day can have a dramatic effect on the body and mind, increasing circulation, oxygen, flexibility and over physical health of seniors. If the weather is too messy outside, there are other creative ways to get in those steps, such as walking around their place of residence, hallways, or malls if restrictions permit. 

Seniors needs social engagement as much as physical movement to avoid feelings of isolation, loneliness and depression. If you’re loved one has been struggling through the winter months, moving them into a retirement residence could be the best way to improve and enrich their quality of life. At Waterford of Summerlea, our residents have access to a variety of services, spanning exercises classes to guest lectures. There are also crafts rooms, games rooms, and a range of recreational activities for them to partake in. To learn more about us and what we have to offer, contact us today.