Moving into Retirement Living During the Winter

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Moving into Retirement Living During the Winter

The winter season can feel long and lonely, especially for seniors who are living on their own. Despite the isolation, winter weather can make it challenging and unsafe for them to leave their house to perform daily tasks and engage with others or participate in activities. If you or a senior loved one has been struggling to cope, maybe it’s time for a change. Moving into retirement living during winter could be an ideal solution for your elderly loved one if they have been struggling. Learn more about the benefits of seniors moving in the winter and why it could be the best chance to enrich their lives for every season.

On-site Personal Services


Retirement living provides many on-site services for seniors and various levels of support based on their individual needs. For example, those who may be required to attend regular medical appointments can access transportation services offered within their retirement community instead of relying on family members or using public transportation. Residents can also choose from a range of other options for their daily needs.


Access to Activities and Events


During the winter, the harsh weather can prevent seniors from being able to enjoy some of the things they love to do. For active seniors, living in a retirement community opens up many doors for them to engage in activities and events throughout the year. From exercise classes to guest lectures to fully equipped crafts rooms to games rooms and special recreational activities, there is something for everyone. 


Meal Planning and Preparation


Getting the proper nutrition and calories is crucial as we age. But having to grocery shop and cook can be extremely challenging and dangerous for seniors, which can lead to malnutrition. Many retirement facilities eliminate that hassle completely by preparing meals that are healthy and delicious so residents don’t have to worry.


No Home Maintenance


Living in a senior community also eliminates the aggravation of home maintenance. This means no more shovelling, sweeping, raking, taking out the garbage or maintaining the landscape. It’s all taken care of. Some retirement facilities include laundry services and housekeeping too.


Making Friends and Socializing


Seniors who live alone and independently are often left without social interactions, and a lack of socializing can contribute to a decline in both physical and mental health. Making a move into retirement living can warm up those long winters and every other season by making it easy for seniors to meet new, like-minded friends and socialize as much as they want to. It’s also a great way for them and family members to gain better peace of mind knowing that they are not alone and have a community to help support and care for them. 


Comfortable and Safety Apartments to Choose From


Living in a retirement community isn’t the same as most standard facilities. As a community, there are lots of different options for seniors to choose from when it comes to living accommodations. For example, here at Waterford of Summerlea, residents can select from various floorplans, including cozy bachelor suites to more expansive and luxurious suites. Each are tastefully designed, spacious and includes everything they need, including emergency pull cord services. 


Worry-Free Living


With such a wide range of living options, activities, and services readily available and within reach, it allows seniors and their family members to live healthy, happy and worry-free.  


If you’re ready to explore more about retirement living for your ageing parent, contact us today at Waterford of Summerlea. We’ll be glad to discuss all the details and arrange a tour of our community.