Waterford Wall
Elegant and carefree retirement living for active, independent seniors.
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Monthly Rates
Rental Rates are affordably priced and based on the size of the suite. Rentals include: Evening meal, weekly housekeeping and bed linen laundry service, garbage pick up, utilities, cable television, scheduled transportation, morning coffee, afternoon refreshments and a comprehensive activity program.

Eligibility for Residence
Anyone over 65 years of age is eligible to take up residency in The Waterford of Summerlea in Edmonton, Alberta..


Each applicant is required to:
• Complete an "Application for Residency" form
• Have your Family Doctor complete a "Health Assessment" form.  Copies of assessments that might have been obtained through a formal geriatric assessment or Alberta Health Services Community Care Professional would be helpful in determining suitability for residency.
• Provide additional information as necessary
• Sign a standard month to month lease

The Waterford's home care providers will determine suitability for residency in relation to the amount and nature of care required.

           The Waterford in Edmonton Entrance Fountain